A creative linguist

Welcome to my website. My name is Robbin Besselink and I am a freelance writer and translator from English and French to Dutch, my native language. Besides that I can proofread and/or edit your texts written or translated in Dutch.

Education & experience as a translator

I have studied French literature & culture and History at the University of Amsterdam. After I obtained my bachelor diploma’s in 2013, I completed a Masters in Translation Studies at the University of Utrecht. After graduating I started working as a freelance translator from English and French into Dutch. Very soon, I also gained experience in proofreading, editing and copywriting work in Dutch, my native language. I have experience in different fields of translation and with a lot of different texts, but I prefer to work with more creative texts. It is my goal to write or translate a text in Dutch that feels natural and that appeals to the targeted audience. In 2023 I completed a training in commercial writing & SEO at NHA, a Dutch education provider.

The importance of language

Dutch is the language of all the people in the Netherlands. It connects us all. Other languages, dialects and sociolects have an influence on the Dutch language, but that is normal: language evolves and we should treat our language with pride and respect. It is our means of communication, how should we live without it? Through my work I try to contribute to the spread of the (correct) Dutch language.

My vision on translation & writing

Translation has become my profession, but language is still one of my favourite things: I am so lucky to be able to work with it every day. I enjoy translating English and French texts into fluent, attractive Dutch texts. I always take into account the target audience of the texts; the people who should be able to read the texts and use it the way it is meant to.

If you need your texts translated in Dutch or if you have other questions regarding my services, please contact me. You can also find me on LinkedIn.